Our search led us to Hotel Rougemont & Spa in Rougemont.

We were searching for a hotel with a direct access to nature, walking, and running trails, also an easy access to the cable car station.

To be more climate friendly, we took the train from Geneva to Montreux before taking the little belle époque mountain train to Rougemont. Upon arriving, we had a refreshing two-minute walk to the entrance where we were met with an incredibly warm welcome. We were shown to a gorgeous south facing room which was both relaxing and comfortable with its elegant chalet style.

Looking at the hotel welcome pack, we discovered that the hotel has an award-winning restaurant serving classic French cuisine dishes with a contemporary twist. We were invited in the evening to dine at the restaurant Le Roc by Edgard Bovier, who has previously worked at the star restaurant of Lausanne Palace, and the talented hotel chef, Vania Cebula. This was the perfect way to kickstart our stay at Rougemont.

The hotel setting provided the perfect ambiance to help fuel us for our active recovery refuel. The personalized guided package provided helpful suggestions on ways to soak up the surrounding scenery, enjoying everything the mountains have to offer. Breathing in pure alpine air while partaking in active recovery to refuel with recreation at the perfect spot on earth felt like a therapy of sorts.

The hotel is situated in a green landscape which is the perfect setting for active recovery and other refreshing sports all year round. A 7-minute walk nearby revealed a shaded path into the forest, near by the relaxing River Sarine which has its own discovery story, making the location ideal for a brisk, self-therapeutic walk.

A little bit of geography; The river Sarine, rises in the Bernese Alps near Sanetschhorn ( 2924) in the Canton Valais passing the Sanetsch falls between 1900 and 1400 m, flowing past Gstaad and Saanen in a downstream passing down to Rougemont at 1000 m and continue down the valley via Gruyeres, Fribourg and Bern into Aare growing into Rhine via Utrecht ending up in North Sea.

Nature provides the perfect soundtrack, the chorus of birds singing and the rusting of trees lending their own encouragement. We took a 4 hour walk by the river, into the village of Saanen, where we stopped for a coffee break before taking the 1000 stairs of “Capri” up to a beautiful spot overlooking Saanen, Gstaad, Glacier 3000 and the mountain of Reubli which, depending on where you stand, is shaped like a Matterhorn. The road back took us through forest and agricultural land with a smell and view of cows, horses, sheep, waterfalls, and nice trails, taking us above Rougemont with its picturesque village and chalets.

We finished off our walk with a relaxing refreshment on the beautiful hotel terrasse, facing the impressive mountains. After this, the hotel offers plenty of ways to further relax; a shower, sauna, and sport massage are just some of the ways we could unwind after the brisk walk. My wife took a massage that uses a 4,000-year-old tradition, including essential oils that are used based on research for their full muscle release.

After the massage, a relaxing swim to help stretch out our muscles before enjoying an excellent meal to finish off an already great day.

Hotel Rougemont & Spa has four perfectly equipped stars, which stands as testament to all the hotel has to offer its guests. Upon arriving, you will be stunned by the chalet-style with its alpine chic, cozy wooden and modern décor. The hotel has 34 rooms, junior suites, and a conference room, perfect for hosting everything from small, intimate parties to larger business groups.

The lounge and bar feature a fireplace that helps provides an effortlessly relaxed ambiance. The top-quality restaurants are joined by a wine tasting room, perfect for indulging in a bottle of pinot noir or raising a glass of champagne.

As for entertainment, there is a spa, a gym, a pool area, plus a small cinema. All the above blend seamlessly together to make this establishment an ideal place to stay, perfect for business events.

This unmissable hotel establishment is surrounded by the beauty of nature. Rougemont Village, just a few minutes by the MOB train or car from Gstaad, which makes it a popular place for tourists and business meetings.

We cannot recommend Rougemont enough. The atmosphere of the hotel is given by its wooden design, which reinforces the mountain vibe we were searching for. Adding in the lovely lounge area and their attentive staff who add their heart to the service they give, the comfortable rooms, the fitness and spa area, and not to forget its top gastronomy, everything comes together in one magnificent setting, and not forget the delicious homemade croissant – not to miss.

We will surely be back again soon for another active recovery retreat.