When talking to Louis Martin he made me curious when menschen “my secret love” until I understood he was talking about Rougemont, the destination where he started his real-estate agency “CF Immobilier” 1996, located in the valley close to Gstaad, a valley that lives all year around, following the rail road MOB from Montreux to Lucerne, which makes it easy to discover Switzerland when staying in Rougemont.

Louis Martin is a top expert in real estate business, his and his wife Elisabeth started a professional career with family friendly approach and service that creates a total confidence on all levels for its customers. The real-state sales and rental service of holiday homes became a success. This has also led to an expansion of a concierge service to offering clients that bought a property and CF Immobilier as a trusted partner looking after their property including also making the arrival pleasant, all from opening the shutters, cleaning and catering upon of the fridge.

Louis Martin have grown his CF Immobilier business thanks to it’s reputation to be present all along the river Sarine, rises in the Bernese Alps near Sanetschhorn in the Canton Valais passing the Sanetsch falls reaching Gstaad where one of the agencies are located, as well in agencies in Rougemont, Chateau d’Oex and Bulle.

CF Immobilier agencies have in addition an international exposure through Barnes. Louis Martin tell us that his connection with Barnes is important as a client comes all over the world to him for buying a property in the region. CF Immobilier have also an important apartment rental service and are connected to Rentalp platform.

CF Immobilier is a typical family business with both family members working in the business and family friendly employees adopted the same core value which is one of the success factors. Many chalet and apartment owners have given their home in the hands of Louis’s team, and he say that each owner is like a small SME, it needs specific property management extended with complementary service including insurance up-dates, garden maintenance to legal advice.

Louis Martin knows the region as his own pocket, he is a great skier, but his real passion in sport is ice hockey. For me, interviewing him, he reminds me of one Swedish hockey legend “Lasse Björn, he was a fantastic defender, many time world champion, 193 cm tall and trusted team player, same feeling as when you speak to Louis.

The real-estate business is growing, people are moving to the mountains as teleworking has become very common and quality of life is paramount.
Also Rougemont is on the perfect level for a healthy living, great walking trails and nature discovery.
Many of CF Immobiliers clients and buyers comes first to discover the region during a holiday, which triggers the “my secret love” and start to research for a property of choice together with CF Immobilier.

To summarize – CF Immobilier is multilevel business in real-estate business, all from holiday home rental, sales to a full concierge service for property owners; based in 3 cantons; Vaud Rougemont and Chateu d’Oex, Fribourg Bulle, Bern Gstaad; along the river Sarine, alongside the famous belle epoque rail way MOB; in a region of tradition for wellbeing going thousand years back and in a landscape famous for its beauty, cheese and great climate.

What more can you expect, the best is just to call Louis Martin and his team at CF Immobilier.