Orchestrating Healthy Performance is to build a better future for leaders to address work-life challenges and prevent early burnout.

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Successful leaders of today must sustain momentum, multiple challenges and constantly drive high performance. Leaders are increasingly more exposed to the dangers of fatigue and burnout, creating a costly risk of instability within an organization.

  • 93% of managers experience fatigue.
  • 1 in 3 feel burnout.
  • Burnout takes a long time to recover from and creates disruptions in teams and organization.

In today’s world the difference between elite athletes and business leaders is very small

Leaders are business athletes and need a similar basic training as athletes to perform at their best – skills, strength, endurance, drive performance and active recovery. Athletes are trained to master these skills in multiple conditions.

 High performance in any sports or business requires a characteristic blend of these dimensions which work together in a harmonious fashion. This requires a training experience to “earn” it when it feels “right”.

Orchestrating Healthy Performance (OHP) is vital in leaders learning agenda

The program is process conducted in steps to identify and decipher the needs of each participant in a discrete, personalised manner to help them to continually stay ahead, overcome prolonged fatigue and sustain healthy performance at its best.  

As a participant, you will untap resources you have never had access to before, which will benefit many areas of your life, such as personal energy management, learning in-demand skills, human capital builder and applying active recovery as your source for inner stability, personal power and behavioural actions performed with excellence at any circumstance to staying ahead.

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Our team is made up of former athletes and experts with experience in training leaders who will have a first-hand experience on what it takes to reach and stay on top under demanding circumstances.

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The programs are adapted to your needs

– for organisation customised as in-company programs.
– for individuals open-enrolments.

Open-enrolment makes it easy to sign up

Available when needs are at their highest.
Budget friendly way helping companies to fill the gap of a vital in-demand need.
Provides participants a unique peer related approach.

Ochestrating Healthy Performance Workshop

Orchestrating Healthy Performance Workshop (OHP-W) provides leaders with a unique customized experience to bring out excellence in themselves and others with an engaging, productive, and to boost healthy performance manner.





Booster Camp is the first point of care for those wanting or needing more

In today’s fast paced work environment, awareness of the body displaying abnormal signs is essential but often overlooked when influenced by performance demands and pressure.




The Retreat Camp transforms critical underlying causes into valuable self-leadership skills

ARA’s Retreat Camp transforms leaders, helping them to gain the right body-mind set and productive state to navigate high-speed pressure with multiple complex challenges, restore personal energy in the moment and take time out for active recovery as a daily hygiene to sustain healthy performance at its optimum.




Walk the Walk coaching

Walk the Talk Training-Coaching is turning your actions into productive changes.




Ochestrating Healthy Performance (OHP) online

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Online coaching

Personal Dynamic Coaching will unlock your potentials and transform your life.





Testimonial 1 - Woman

This is one hundred percent the best program if you’re exhausted. I was physically and mentally depleted and struggled to recover each day. I felt anxious and worried most of the time and worked on autopilot, without purpose. The program and the team were understanding, giving me many useful insights and practical skills to put in place daily that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It gave me hope, and what’s better is that it gave me the confidence to know I can do it. For this, I am so grateful that I found the ARA team.

Testimonial 2 - Senior Executive

At the beginning of the course, I’ll admit, I came in skeptical and pessimistic. By the third day, I was beginning to feel more energetic and able to see the purpose and meaning on how to tackle my work-life-health challenges. I began to change, implementing the course tools into my life.  At the end of the course, I feel that the puzzle pieces of overcoming fatigue, anxiety and early burnout have been put together for me.  The post-program online keeps the learning and daily practice going. I also know that in a few weeks there is a follow-up to really anchor the skills and sharpen the edge. I now feel empowered, engaged and hopeful for the future, better equipped to manage my emotions and recovery process. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone who has or does experience prolonged stress, anxiety and early burnout signs.

Testimonial 3 - Manager

I was always afraid to admit that I was tired and suffered with anxiety for many years. I signed up for the ARA Retreat Camp not knowing what to expect.  The program, with a combination of pre-learning online to be better prepared, the course program combining assessment, personalized feedback, workshop and outdoor walk the talk coaching, has truly changed my work and home life. Not only that, but it has helped me to change not only the way I see life, but myself, too. This program was the eye opener and wake-up call that changed my life.

Benefit Summary from ARA

These 3 testimonials are an example of what you can also gain from an Active Recovery Retreat program.

Our experience has demonstrated that, when tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs starting from where they are right now, applying a purpose-driven program becomes hugely beneficial. The most vital point is to help each client to start an active recovery process, develop a clear purpose and offer pragmatic suggestions that fit their needs without forcing them to figure this out on their own.


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