A better link to
your health

ARA’s Virtual Retreat Clinic helps you to better control your health alongside a dedicated team of health professionals trained in the fields of stress, mental health and burnout.


Access to care on-the-go
During late hours and weekends
No travelling and waiting time
Rapid solving of minor health problems

how it works:

The VRC combines stress, mental health, and burnout (SMHB) consultations, treatments, training, and the learning of skills on an individual one-to-one level and as well as small peer group sessions.

The online learning is designed to reinforce the clinical part, delivered in panel group, one-to-one sessions, and small purpose driven groups to optimise personal growth in life and business.

What benefits does it brings?

ARA’s VRC is designed with you in mind, for you to participate actively in managing your SMHB health

  • VRC allows you to be linked to all your health professionals easily
  • It’s a personal way to interact with them, allowing them to be up to date with your vital SMHB challenges, biometrics, medications, and treatment plans you’re following
  • During the consultation, it allows for every minute to be focused on you, without time wasted giving the doctor or health professional repetitive information

ARA’s ONLINE CLASSES teach vital skills, focusing on stress, fatigue, mental health, and early burnout prevention as:

  • An ad hoc learning experience,
  • Before and after a Retreat Camp program to acquire basic learning skills beforehand and reinforcement learning after the Retreat Camp.

our team

  • OUR MEDICAL, HEALTH PROFESSIONAL AND COACHES align the medical needs of sports medicine, cardiology, behavioural physiology, performance psychology, exercise physiology, nutrition, lifestyle, and health coaching linked with your awareness and behaviour to initiate motivation and willingness toward optimal active recovery.

OUR WORLD-CLASS FACULTY introduces you to the very best knowledge, providing you with the tools and skills needed to overcome your challenges and find the best solutions for you:

  • Our instructor managed workshops explore topics and themes that will also be tailored around participants specific needs at that time.
  • They will, in addition to the basic program skills, provide applied training on how to
create stability, fortify health habits, balance routine, out-smart self-sabotage and specific self-regulation skills to help dispel fear and anxiety so that you, as the learner, will no longer be hindered.

Ask for further

Ask for further information on how we can tailor program topics to spark up your next;

  • Active recovery retreat camp
  • Board meeting
  • Team incentive
  • Conference
  • Health incentive